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Pranking someone with an unknown number (Just for fun)

Along with different fun activities nowadays, pranking is very common in almost every culture and country. Millions of people are making pranking videos and earning a lot of money. The purpose behind pranking someone is fun and make them laugh. There are many ways to prank your friends and family members, but one thing should be kept in mind that your pranking does not affect anybody in a negative way. There are different ways to prank someone.

In this article, we will tell you about an application through which you can prank your friends and family members. With the help of that application, when you call someone your number will be displayed as a foreign number or international number and the receiver will not be able to recognize you. That application is available free of cost on the Play Store and is called “Text me up Free calling & texts”. You will see millions of people using this application because this is a famous application and is being used in different countries. Once again, we request you not to use this application to harass or blackmail someone. Kindly perform the below steps to install and use that application.

After installing that application open it.
An interface will be opened in front of you. On the top, you will see the credit that you have in your application account. For the first time, you will get 10 credits in your account but later you have to earn them through different options.

Click on the dialer button located on the screen. Enter the number you want to call.

To earn the credit, click on the menu button located on the left top of your screen and go to the credit option. Here, you will see two options that are earning free credit and buy credit. In the buy edit option, you will have to pay money to earn the credits.

The balance will be deducted from your account and added to the credit in this application. Different options will be shown in front of you. But if you want to earn the free credit, click on the free credit option. Here you will see a number of options available to earn the free credit like watching a YouTube video, completing an offer, watching a premium video, buy credit packs and inviting friends to install this app. With the help of all these options, you will get free credit. Different amount of credit will be added on performing the different options.

At the end of this article, we would like to request all of you who are interested in using this application to please use this application for a positive purpose. Do not cheat, harass or threaten anyone with the help of this application as doing this will be considered as a crime. You will be held responsible for the misuse of this application.

How to Download: Go the play store from your mobile device and type ‘“Text me up Free calling & texts”. Download the app and install that on your mobile device.

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