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Install Earth To Your Electricity Meter To Decrease The Bill

Pakistan is progressing day by day towards the betterment. There are many fields in which we can see clear improvements. Nowadays, Pakistan is working very hard to overcome the electricity issue. For the sake of improvements, new meters have replaced the old ones. New meters are digital and avoid electricity theft due to its security features. Apart from benefits, it has also been seen that after the installation of new meters, an increase in price has been observed putting the people in tension. Due to the rapid increase in electricity bills, managing day to day expenses is becoming difficult.

To overcome this issue, we are writing this article. This can be done through earthing your digital meter. You need to dig up a deep hole to put the earth wire. We will tell you how to make an earth wire. You need to have a copper wire with no covering on it. Take a plastic pipe and roll that copper wire on that pipe. Take another wire with plastic covering on it and put it inside that plastic pipe.

So, now you have one wire on the pipe and one inside the pipe. You may not be aware that the units are also counted on your neutral wire that results in an increase in 20-25% electricity bills. Take some coal and put that in the hole. Take salt and put it on the coal inside the hole. Fix the wire inside the hole now. There are four lights on the digital meter including earth. If you successfully install earthing, the earth light will turn on.

After performing the above steps, put some water into the pipe as coal is already there. By putting the water, the earth will become more powerful. It would be better to install earth on the wet surface as the performance of earth at the wet areas is more powerful than a dry surface. Now to check the power of this earth, we have to check it through check meter. Connect one wire to the phase and one wire to the earth. If the meter shows reading more than 200, it means your earth is powerful.

You can also check 100 watts bulb. If the bulb illuminates, you will come to know how your electricity bill is coming high. Turning on the bulb means that our earth is fully functioning and free now. Now we will tell you how to attach this earth with your electricity meter. You have to connect this wire to the neutral of your meter to decrease the bills.
Check the neutral wire of your meter with tester for safety purposes.

After ensuring that no electricity is present in that wire, connect your earth wire to that neutral wire. Bind that area with tape. After performing this step, you are done with the installation of the earth to your meter.

You will see the decrease in your monthly bill. You can check the speed of your meter before and after installing the earth with your meter. Please tell your friends and family members about this process so that they can benefit from this.

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