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Watch YouTube Videos Without Internet

The Internet is now considered as the basic need of an educated as well as an uneducated person. After the easy access to the internet, many problems have been solved. Mostly the students who use the internet to get information related to their studies are getting the benefit. The Internet has information about any field. Whatever you want to search on Google, you will get information related to it. To access the internet, you need an internet connection that is in the form of a Wi-Fi or data connection. Different internet service providers are available in the world with different rates and packages. Unfortunately, it has been seen that some people cannot afford to get an internet connection even when they need it for some important purpose. Most of people only use internet for YouTube as it is one of the entertaining and informative websites. On the internet, YouTube is considered as one of the important websites as it has information related to anything in the video form. But to access YouTube you have to have an internet connection.

Keeping in view the above problem, we have come up with the solution for all those people who cannot afford to get an internet connection to use watch YouTube videos. With the help of that application, you can watch YouTube videos and easily download them as well. The application is called “YouTube Go” that is freely available on the Play Store. This application is already being used by around 10 million people. After downloading, open this application on your device. This application is similar to YouTube. The quality of this application is it downloads the video in low quality just to save memory on your device. When you click on any video it will show a menu from which you can select the different sizes of that video to be downloaded on your mobile. Select your desired quality and click on the download button located below. After clicking the download button, that video will be downloaded into your mobile. Through this process, you can easily watch that video on your mobile without having access to the internet.

Sometimes, we have to travel somewhere we have no internet access. For the best time pass, this app is perfect. You can download the desired video from YouTube and watch it later in your free time or when you don’t have internet access. There are many fake YouTube video downloaders available on YouTube, just to save your time please download this app and get your desired video downloaded through this. Those students you have internet access only in universities can download the required videos through this application and watch them later at home or anywhere.

How to Download: Go the play store from your mobile device and type ‘“Text me up Free calling & texts”. Download the app and install that on your mobile device.

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